Today’s startup businesses are launching quicker than ever before. New operators must think in terms of timely marketing pursuits. Of course, initial setup operations and transitioning take precedence. However, with increasingly efficient and innovative apps, startup marketers are capable of incredible nimbleness.

Catering to Modern Consumers

Consumers are expecting new brands to meet their…

Do you ever think that you have missed the opportunity to start a business because of your age? Many people have asked this question, so just know that you are not the only person in the world who has thought this way.

Of course, several famous entrepreneurs gained recognition for…

When people request me to invest in their companies, the first thing I always want to know is who is competing against them. This is something that any serious investor will always want to know.

There are entrepreneurs who understand this question and will answer it confidently and conclusively. …

Luke Lazarus

Australia-Based Marketing consultant specializing in startup branding.

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