Advanced Digital Applications for Startup Marketing

Luke Lazarus
3 min readJan 29, 2021

Today’s startup businesses are launching quicker than ever before. New operators must think in terms of timely marketing pursuits. Of course, initial setup operations and transitioning take precedence. However, with increasingly efficient and innovative apps, startup marketers are capable of incredible nimbleness.

Catering to Modern Consumers

Consumers are expecting new brands to meet their needs sooner. Old concepts, like “Coming Soon”, are increasingly being seen as detractors in the modern marketplace. Instead, startup marketers must employ an approach of introducing their product. Better yet, the value of a product’s applications needs to be conveyed from the onset. This also needs to overshadow any “wait for it” campaign.

PR Newswire highlighted several strategies currently being employed that aid marketing new companies. These include:

  • a specialized team of market researchers
  • support of experienced and qualified professional staff
  • client handling spanning a variety of domains
  • implementation of the latest AI and ML technologies
  • pioneering blockchain development
  • inclusion of AR and VR applications
  • broad application of web and mobile services
  • global web development experience
  • managing intangibles

Finding Services for Revolutionary Technology

Not many companies handle each of these technologies well. Fluper is a company adept at employing all of these applications and was awarded for it. Before detailing the advantages of including a service provider like Fluper consider its track record. The app development company has helped over 300 professionals succeed in completing more than 320 projects. It boasts a client retention rate of better than 95%.

Is it any wonder why PR Newswire called Fluper “the foremost preference for entrepreneurs” in a recent article entitled “Fluper is Helping Startups & SMEs to Grow their ROI by Offering a Wide range of Web and App Development Services”? AppFutura, Clutch, and GoodFirms even named Fluper their no. 1 company of choice for mobile app development; whereas, Innovate India named it the Best Startup of the Year for 2018. Fluper is only mentioned to illustrate the need for these services. Every startup should carefully consider its own needs to get the most out of a targeted marketing campaign.

An All But Certain Future

As recently as last month, Ivan Guzenko, a member of the Forbes Technology Council, outlined the advantages of blockchain for marketers in “How Blockchain is Affecting the Marketing and Advertising Industry”. In this Forbes article, Guzenko discussed how the most forward-thinking CMO’s expect to employ blockchain in the near future. The blockchain industry is projected to grow rapidly over the next few years. Advertising, market, accounting, management, and even communication with users could see a complete redesign by then.

One reason that blockchain may quickly see wide adoption is due to an industry wide inefficiency of digital ad spending. Guzenko pointed to fraud and lack of adequate transparency as the culprits. With a combined global marketing allowance that is approaching half a trillion dollars, such inefficiency is rather significant in the competitive marketplace. Blockchains excel at both fraud prevention and transparency for all parties that contribute to a ledger system. It is also worth mentioning that the Forbes article anticipated the industry’s blockchain applications to exceed $23 billion by 2023. This is a small fraction of the current marketing spending for all digital advertisements. Blockchains are touted by developers as both an efficient solution and an improver of logistical performance.

Combing Startup and Early Adoption Opportunities for Maximum Effectiveness

While technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented realities, and blockchain prove to revolutionize the future of the online marketplace, there is even greater rewards for early adopters. In addition to staying ahead of innovation, a new startup that employs advanced technologies early will likely acquire a hefty competitive edge. Consider companies like Twitter and Facebook. The logistics involved in migrating their massive user bases onto AI, VR and blockchain platforms is almost insurmountable. At the very least, such a transition would open up opportunities for startups to capture the eyes of consumers.


Applications for startup marketing campaigns are innovating faster than ever before. There is increasing evidence that the more advanced marketing campaigns will hold significant competitive advantages in terms of efficiency and penetration. Business leaders need to be attentive and cater to their evolving customer base from the very beginning. This is why it is important to find partnerships and make alliances that support the most cutting-edge app services available. Startups who are also early adopters of innovative technologies will gain immediate and long-term advantages over their competition. The key is in understanding the technology. This must be from the perspective of both, how it impacts the marketplace now, as well as, in the future.