How Luke Lazarus Is Revolutionizing Startup Marketing in 2021

Why Emotions Are Central

Why Data Is an Integral Part of the Puzzle

The Importance of Finding Investments

The Highest Valuation Possible

Spreading the Strategy on Social

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  • Use of latest AI and ML technology
  • Blockchain development
  • Client handling across domains and platforms
  • Campaigns that use interactive content like AR and VR applications
  • A wide range of web and mobile services
  • Web development that offers a global experience
  • Specialized team of market researchers
  • A strong team

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The Latest Market Trends

  1. Social Media Marketing: While this trend may seem like an old story, the truth is that with a constantly shifting landscape and exponentially growing potential, it’s critical to stay up to date on the latest techniques in the field to maximize all that is possible here.
  2. Instagram: In particular, the platform Instagram has shown potential that is nearly equal to that of sister site, Facebook. There are currently 1 billion active users on the site, 60% of whom are actively discovering new products to buy. That is an incredible consumer base from which to gather data and possibly leads and sales.
  3. Mobile Payments: This was already a growing trend: people always have their phone on them, it can be easier to pay with that than have to worry about carrying around a piece of plastic. But the ability of mobile payments to adjust to the need for contactless payment has made the use mobile payments in demand.
  4. Voice Recognition: Studies estimate that in 2020 up to 20 million people will be using smart speakers, and that is in the United States alone. The growth of voice recognition devices and people’s reliance on them for information and for getting what they need while in their homes has led to largely untapped potential for new marketing opportunities.
  5. Interactive Content: As mentioned above, Lazarus is a big believer in the importance of storytelling to create a meaningful connection. One of the most powerful ways to do that is through interactive content that lets customers engage with the content, the brand and the marketing in entirely new ways. Examples of this include virtual reality and 360-degree videos that allow user interaction.

About Luke Lazarus



Australia-Based Marketing consultant specializing in startup branding.

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