Entrepreneur and Consultant Luke Lazarus Replicates His Success for the Benefit of Clients | The Startup Magazine

How Luke Lazarus Ended Up in Such an Enviable Position

Luke Lazarus Takes a Unique Approach When Working with Startup Clients

Luke Lazarus Comments on the Top Marketing Trends of 2020

  • Instagram is now on par with Facebook for advertisements sold: Over the past few years, the social media site Instagram has caught up with Facebook with the number of ads placed and user actions taken from those ads. Lazarus predicts that Instagram will continue to grow its membership beyond the current one billion people while pushing influencer marketing as a means to connect with more prospects.
  • Mobile payments: Paying for goods and services using a smartphone or tablet has become much more mainstream in the last few years. Lazarus sees this as a marketing trend that will only grow larger. The percentage of Australians who use a credit or debit card to pay for goods and services rose from 26 to 63 percent between 2007 and 2019. Mobile payment availability plays a large role in this dramatic increase.
  • Voice recognition: Conducting a voice search via a personal home assistant like Google Home or Amazon Echo is becoming more common with each passing year. People also use voice recognition in their cars, on their home computers, and with their portable devices. More than 50 percent of all searches conducted in the United States involve using voice recognition technology, and Lazarus anticipates the rest of the world catching up to this figure soon.

Luke Lazarus’ Social Media Presence



Australia-Based Marketing consultant specializing in startup branding. https://twitter.com/LukeLazarusAU https://lukelazarus.com.au/ https://www.instagram.com/

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